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Movement for Health and Joy

Movement is an essential component of health. Movement supports every function of our body, such as digestion, immunity, and circulation. It supports brain health and cognitive function. It also influences our mood and emotional health for the better. Yet American culture is firmly rooted in sedentary behavior (other nations are not immune) despite the efforts of… Read more »

Rest and Recovery: 3 foolproof ways to feel renewed

Work, exercise, learning, travel, family and social connections are elements of a successful and happy life. In order to sustain our ability to thrive in all these areas, we must make room for an often overlooked necessity: Rest! Here are my recommendations for physical, mental, and emotional renewal and recovery. 1. Get a massage: The Aston®… Read more »

Self-Care with Essential Oils

I invite you to read the article I wrote for the July wellness issue of Edible Austin, “Self-Care With Essential Oils.” You can pick up a free issue at various restaurants, grocery stores and farmers markets around Austin, or you can read the article on-line. I am studying how to use essential oils and how to… Read more »

Lymph Drainage Therapy: Cleansing the Body’s waterways

Last year I completed my training in Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT). You may have heard that our bodies are 50-70% water. A lot of this water is lymph! Lymph is part of the circulatory system. Blood leaves the heart and travels through the arterial network to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the interstitial fluid, the fluid space that… Read more »

Rethinking Backpack Cuisine: Article In Edible Austin

I wrote an article on making dehydrated backpacking food for Edible Austin magazine.  You can pick up your own March / April outdoor issue at various foodie venues in Austin.  In addition to my article, there are lots of great features and recipes in this issue. You can also read the article on line.  Don’t miss the biscotti… Read more »