“I have known Eve both as a student of Sheng Zhen Meditation and as a practitioner of Aston Kinetics®. Because I saw how flawless her movements were in the meditation practice, I became curious about her work with Aston Kinetics® and eventually began to come to her for treatments. Her knowledge and expertise became very helpful to me. I was needing relief from knee, hip and ankle pain, and with a clear assessment of my body’s needs and effective simple movements, I began to feel relief. Also, she worked with myofascial release which loosened up and helped my body to adjust to better posture. Throughout the sessions with Eve, I felt cared for, respected, and listened too. Her expertise as a practitioner is enhanced by her presence.” — Francie S.

“Adhesions from an old surgery had caused me back and shoulder pain and poor
posture for years. Using her knowledge of the Aston Kinetics® Method, in four sessions, Eve gently and gradually released the muscle tension. My pain has been remarkably lessened. She is a kind, positive, and very knowledgeable person, and a pleasure to work with.”
— Emily L., Age 72, Austin, TX

“Eve’s work has decreased my pain while increasing overall range of motion. I am a physician, so I am quite knowledgeable in anatomy & physiology. Aston-Patterning® is elegant in its simplicity while at the same time delivering complex permutations for how the body relates to itself and other objects in space. I find consistent sessions helpful to my life in general and my workplace ergonomics in particular.”    Georgeanne F.

Eve is an attentive listener.  She asks pertinent questions.  These traits allow her to focus her considerable in-depth knowledge on the client’s specific problems.  She clearly explains the suggested exercises and gives positive encouragement.  A tranquil setting with a tranquil, competent practitioner.  Additional bonus of a effective massage. —  Susan M.

“I absolutely recommend Eve. Working with her has been one of the most important things I’ve done for my health.

I’ve practiced yoga for over 10 years and also teach, but I had areas of restriction and discomfort in body that I couldn’t resolve on my own.

I came to Eve with occasional left low back pain I thought was an unstable SI joint. I also knew my left inner thigh always felt tight. I had tried stretching, massage, seeing a chiropractor, even special exercises to create better postural alignment. One day a massage therapist mentioned Aston Technique to me. I looked it up and found Eve.

Her work is subtle. It seems kind of like untangling a necklace. The action is not invasive or forceful. But the results are very powerful.

Over the course of 8 sessions, Eve has managed to “untangle” the fascial web in my body. I feel freedom in those areas of chronic tension and irritation. I no longer have SI pain or inner thigh tightness. I can see with my own two eyes that I have greater length in my sides and back and that the areas of asymmetry I had before are balanced.

My feet feel different on the ground. I move with more ease. And Eve taught me a few simple techniques that I can use throughout the day to help me maintain this happy new shape. I enjoy moving in my dance and yoga practice more now than I have in a long time.

I have a ton of respect for Eve’s wisdom. To me she is a body-working genius. I’m very happy to spread the word.  — Lara B.

“I was in a car accident in 2004 and had pain ever since.  I moved down to Austin in March of 2010 and had a constant mild pain.  I began seeing Eve about a year after moving to Austin.  After a few months of treatments, I was driving down the road and realized I had not had pain for three days in a row.  It was the first time in about 7 years that I had not had any twinge of pain.  I began to cry I was so happy.  I continue to see Eve about once a month to ensure there are no flare ups but it has been wonderful to be able to do the basics in life without having to worry that I may be in extreme pain for days.  Eve has truly changed my life.”  — Leslie A.

“I used to have knee pain when I lifted weights, but Eve has shown me different ways through Aston principles to work out. Now I get a great workout without the pain in my knees. I have worked out with Eve for almost 3 years, and she keeps my workouts fresh and exciting, so I always stay motivated!” — Ophelia B.

Update from Ophelia:

“I have been training with Eve for over a decade now.  In that time, I have had various aches and pains arise and she always finds a way through Aston Patterning for me to get a good workout without aggravating injuries.  I also appreciate that Eve strives to stay on top of the latest studies and information in the world of health and fitness and shares this information with me during our sessions. Even though we have been training together for so long, she still finds different variations in exercises so that I do not get bored and stay motivated!” — Ophelia B.

“My first experience with Eve was several years ago when through Aston-Patterning, Eve was able to work with me to eliminate my chronic shoulder pain. However, I have become even more familiar and impressed with Eve’s skills since I began to see her again while recovering from several surgeries. Not only has she been able to help my overall alignment to aid in recovery, but her work has speeded the healing process both pre- and post-surgery. It has truly been amazing. And, not only is Eve incredibly skilled, but she is also extremely kind and sensitive, making my sessions with her very relaxing and something I always look forward to. I can’t recommend Eve enough for any type of bodywork, whether for working out or for recovery purposes. She’s truly changed my life!” — Joyce R.

“Eve Chenu has helped me greatly in many ways, including regaining facial muscle strength while recovering from Bell’s palsy and addressing — and eliminating — lower back pain. The Aston-Patterning® technique Eve uses in both cases helped tremendously. Eve also applied the technique to help develop healthier workout and stretch programs for me. I still gain significant benefits from applying what I learned from Eve to jogging, tennis, board sports, mountain biking and even playing with my children. What I find most beneficial is Eve herself: she’s an excellent listener and extremely responsive and flexible in applying her techniques to ways that best meet my unique needs.” — Eric K.

“For years I had upper back pain and weakness. Every time I tried to do yoga postures or weight training to strengthen this area of my back and also my upper arms, the pain would increase. After a series of 10 Aston-Patterning sessions with Eve, which included massage, exercise and . . . the KEY factor . . . an awareness of the way I was improperly carrying my body, I am relieved of the pain and am now able to get back to the yoga and body strengthening that I love!” — Mary R.

“Eve has tailored our exercise and work day to our particular body types. She has gently encouraged us with a multidimensional program of loosening, stretching and toning. My husband and I have both adopted new movement patterns that have increased our stability and vitality. Her application of gentle but effective bodywork has been most effective for us. What a total lifestyle change!” — Karen N.

“Most of my adult life I have experienced pain or discomfort in my back and neck. Eve Chenu through Aston-Patterning® has given me real hope for the first time in years that I may be able to overcome my past difficulties and have a better aligned, more healthy body. I would strongly recommend Eve Chenu without reservation. She is a delightful and extremely skillful person to work with.” — Glen S.

“Since training with Eve for four years, my back doesn’t hurt after strenuous activity. She adapts my exercise program to my specific needs.” — Dan W.

“Eve provides a fitness program of stretching and toning that is tailored to my abilities/limitations and my goals of increased strength and flexibility. Her tips on diet and weight loss have been helpful. As I have developed stronger core body muscles, I have been able to more fully enjoy hiking, bicycling and yoga.” — Joyce W.

“Eve’s method of bodywork is gentle but profoundly effective. I went from being full of aches and pains and too lethargic to exercise, to a new, invigorated energy level. I am now much more active, and losing weight, because my body is happier and wants to move. I highly recommend her.” — Holly S.

“Previous attempts to exercise together failed—Eve got us going. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and dependable. My husband and I look forward to continuing improvement in fitness and flexibility.” — Lenore and Harry R.

“I really look forward to my weekly sessions with Eve, and I am very pleased with the results!” — Milbrey R.