Eve Chenu utilizes Aston Kinetics®, (formerly known as Aston-Patterning®), a powerful method of assessment and healing that utilizes bodywork (massage), movement education, fitness and ergonomics.

Based on the idea that holding patterns – and the resulting uneven distribution of effort – can limit a body, Aston Kinetics® seeks to heal these holding patterns, caused by injury, accidents, illness, repetitive activities, environmental influences, emotional stress, and trauma. Bringing together a variety of modalities, Eve helps clients restore their base of support and alignment, resulting in movement freedom. 

During your first session, we will review your history and discuss your goals. We will conduct an assessment that focuses on alignment, movement habits, and identifying areas of hyper- or hypo-tone in your body. Based on the detective work we do together, solutions will be identified to address your goals.  We will create a unique program designed for your individual needs and objectives.

While the various modalities listed below are meant to support each other (for example: developing flexibility can allow new movement patterns, while ergonomics can prevent the return of old pain patterns), clients often like to learn about each component’s individual benefits. Click on each modality below to learn more.

Movement Education | Ergonomics | Bodywork | Fitness | Yoga