What it is:

Bodywork (a.k.a. massage therapy) is the application of hands-on therapeutic techniques by the therapist to the client. The goal is to release tension in the client’s tissues through skilled touch.  This umbrella term can include many different techniques. Eve is trained in advanced Aston® techniques (Aston® massage, Myo-kinetics®, and Arthro-kinetics®), visceral massage, lymphatic drainage, and CranioSacral therapy. Her range of techniques allows her to address a wide variety of conditions. When receiving bodywork, clients wear light clothes for comfort as well as to be able to transition from bodywork to movement work as needed without having to dress and undress.

Healing properties:

Bodywork is very effective at making change in the body by freeing tension patterns. It can restore elasticity and health even to areas that have been restricted for a long time. Eve’s training in Aston® techniques and body mechanics allows her to use gentle touch that is accurate and very effective, avoiding pain even when working deeply.  The types of bodywork techniques used in a particular session are determined through the assessment process. Each technique can bring particular benefit by addressing specific limitations.

  • Aston® massage: Gentle broad strokes designed to address general tension and promote relaxation.
  • Aston Myo-kinetics®: Specifically addresses myo-fascial restrictions through precise yet comfortable touch.
  • Aston Arthro-kinetics®: Aims to release long-standing restrictions at any depth within the body’s tissues, along the bones and through the joints.  People who often think of “deep tissue” work as painful are amazed at the transformation that can take place without discomfort when using advanced techniques.
  • Visceral massage: This gentle touch therapy is designed to address tension in the area of the abdominal and thoracic organs.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Extremely light touch is used to stimulate the flow of lymph in the body. It can reduce swelling caused by injury or surgery, reduce puffiness and water retention, and reduce sinus congestion. Stimulating the flow of lymph encourages immune function and detoxification, and also promotes faster healing of the tissues.
  • CranioSacral therapy: Sustained, light touch is used to release restrictions of the face and head, the tissues and fluid that wrap the brain and spine, and the sacrum at the base of the spine.

You may benefit from bodywork if:

  • You have an imbalance in your body’s structure or muscle usage caused by excessively tight tissue somewhere in the body. This could be the basis of almost any kind of pain or limitations people commonly report. The nature and location of the tight tissue can be discovered in the assessment process.
  • You have suffered an injury, such as a fall, or whiplash, that has caused subsequent tightening of the tissues. Addressing such tension with bodywork reduces the chance that the first injury will lead to compensation and new problems in the future.
  • You have suffered an injury or surgery and would like to encourage the healing process by promoting healthy blood and lymph flow to the tissues.
  • You want to keep your body optimally healthy for daily living and athletic performance. Bodywork helps improve tissue hydration as well as blood and lymph circulation, thereby promoting optimal functioning and recovery.
  • You are looking for the mental and emotional benefits of receiving bodywork, which relaxes the body and nervous system. Reducing stress and encouraging relaxation supports optimal health.