What it is:

Movement education is an exploration of how to move in a way that is most appropriate for each individual, based on sound principles of physics and anatomy.  The “best” way to move is customized to each person’s unique needs and abilities.

The book Moving Beyond Posture is a brief introduction to Aston® movement principles. Eve was part of the creative team on the book, as photographer, illustrator, and model.

Healing properties:

Movement education allows each person to discover the best way to accomplish actions in daily life, at work, or in sports. By becoming more skilled at movement, effort is reduced, the risk of injury is minimized, and physical activity becomes a joy. By developing a more skillful approach to basic everyday movements, you can build a foundation on which to build a more intense or athletic practice, if that is a goal.

You may benefit from movement education if:

  • You experience discomfort or injury when performing activities of daily living such as walking, doing housekeeping or gardening tasks, taking care of kids, or participating in hobbies.
  • You experience discomfort when performing tasks related to your duties at work.
  • You experience discomfort when moving for exercise or sports.
  • You would like to become more at ease with complex movements such as when playing sports or playing an instrument.
  • You have experienced changes in your body from receiving bodywork (massage) and you would like to be able to sustain those changes. By optimizing how you move in your daily activities, you can avoid recreating the problems you had previously.